5 Ways to Prepare Your House for a Hurricane in Miami

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Statistics show that most hurricanes descend during summer and fall (June 1 – Nov. 30). This season cost households approximately $34 billion in related damages. It is especially bad if you live along the coastline. You know very well that one hurricane could completely change your life.

Preparing for these storms goes a long way in enhancing safety for your family and the chances of your home and property remain intact. Below are some top tips that will get you home ready to ride out a hurricane.

1. Reinforce the Roof

When it comes to preparation, work from top to bottom – it makes work easier. The roof is one of the most vulnerable yet essential parts of your house. It shields you from rain, sun, intruders, pests, and wind. That is why experts recommend hiring local roofing contractors to inspect your roof twice every year.

Wind-resistant roofing is compulsory for every homeowner in Miami. If you do not make necessary repairs before the hurricane season, your roof may not fare too well. To protect your roof, always rely on experienced roofing contractors. They will ensure the connection between the roofing and the house frame is as strong as possible.

2. Protect the Doors and Windows

If you have never experienced a hurricane, you should expect tons of flying debris and persistent winds. To avoid a long repair bill after the storm, invest in impact glass and fiberglass doors. Even though the cost is higher, the upgrade is worth the price.

For homeowners on a low budget, try out shutters or plywood for your windows. Strengthen every weak point on your doors, like cracks, tears, and loose screws.

3. Store Outdoor Furniture Safely

Many homeowners make the mistake of only thinking about the interior. Think about any items and decor you keep outdoors. Sheds and storage receptacles are suitable for securing patio furniture, garbage cans, plants, and decorations.

You could ideally choose to minimize the heavy items in your yard. This way, when hurricane season is around the corner, you will have an effortless time moving them around.

4. Check Your Insurance Policy

Since there is only so much hurricane-proofing you can do, insurance proves to be helpful if you incur any damages. Confirm with your home insurance provider and check the deductibles and terms of the contract. At this stage, it is also wise to ask if you can receive a discount depending on the hurricane category.

5. Stock on Essentials

Finally, keep a few days’ worth of food, medicine, candles, and water supplies indoors. Ensure your food is non-perishable and include instant meals that need little or no preparation. Keep an emergency kit on hand. To assemble a fool-proof kit, confirm with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Hurricane-proofing will keep boosting the resistance of your roof, doors, windows, walls, and flooring. Before you start making upgrades, note that hiring licensed roofing contractors are a must! With professional help, you get an energy-sufficient house that can withstand strong winds and storms.

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