What Are the Advantages of a Metal Roof?

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There’s no doubt a roof is one of the most important elements of your home because of its protective function. A metal roof, in particular, can give you lasting value and the following benefits.

It Can Help You With Hurricane Preparedness

Up to 65% of homeowners said their biggest motivation for repairing a roof was weather damage. A metal roof is your safest bet when it comes to hurricane preparedness. That’s because metal roofs are designed to withstand very strong winds (up to 160mph). They also don’t have any shingles that can become loose and blow away. During a hurricane, the last thing you want is for your roof to become another projectile that can cause harm or damage.

Value for Your Money

Metal roofs are very durable and long-lasting. Besides a few repairs here and there you won’t have to regularly shell out money to replace the entire thing. Roof metals are typically made of steel, a strong and sturdy material. If you’re a Florida homeowner, you’ll be pleased to know a metal roof can be very resilient in high heat environments.

To be sure your roof is in the best shape possible before a hurricane, check that the metal is not rusting around any externally applied screws. You can also add more fasteners to secure the roof more strongly. However, some roofs don’t have externally applied screws, so this advice may not apply.

They Can Be Energy-Efficient

Most metal roofs are made from recycled materials, which provides sustainability. Some roof companies also offer services that allow you to give your metal roof more function and curb appeal. For instance, you can add a coat of infrared reflective finish to reflect the sun’s radiation and maintain cooler surface temperatures. This can help you save by reducing your energy and HVAC bills.

Bottom line

Metal roofs are a great way to keep your home protected from the elements while also keeping your utility bills down. If you’re interested in installing a metal roof this summer, contact the professional and experienced roofers of My City Roofing today.

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