Why Are Metal Roofs So Popular?

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Metal roofs are very popular and with good reason. They add great aesthetics but more importantly, they can be a permanent roofing solution to help protect your property. A metal roof may be the ideal choice for your property.

The metal roofing Miami area homeowners trust delivers the energy efficiency, aesthetics, and worry-free protection that they can depend on. Learning more about metal roof options and how they can help you get the protection you need for your property can help you to make an informed decision.

Metal Roofs Are Tough

There is no doubt that Miami sees its share of storms and high winds. Your Miami roofer may recommend a metal roof for your property if you are looking for a durable option that can easily stand up to all the bad weather that comes your way.

Most metal roofs are wind rated at about 140MPH, many can withstand gusts of 180MPH. That can be a tremendous comfort for many property owners. Knowing your roof can take on the weather and keep on protecting your property delivers peace of mind.

Beautiful Aesthetics

Metal roofing options come in a range of colors that can complement your property. You get the durability that you need and the beautiful look that you want with this type of roofing. A metal roof can add a pop of color, or complement the colors of your property.

There are colors and a style that fits every design taste. With a metal roof, you do not have to sacrifice protection for style. You can have it all.


One of the most often asked questions about metal roofs is “how long do they last?” The life expectancy of a metal roof is about 50-70 years depending on the material. The average life of a shingle roof is about 12-25 years.

You can have worry-free protection for your property for potentially the next 70 years. That means once your roof is installed you never really have to think about it. It is a solid choice for anyone that wants to have reliable protection for years to come.

The Can Be Installed On All Roof Types

Metal roofs can be installed on all roof types. Most people wait until their roof is damaged (typically about 65% of people) before they consider getting a new roof. You can get ahead of the problem by having your roof replaced before the next storm.

Learn more about your roofing options and how metal roofs can be the best choice.

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