The Perfect Places To Install A Skylight Window In Your Home

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If you want to add some natural light and ventilation to your home, installing a skylight is the perfect way to do it! The iconic skylight window is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people recognize the benefits it provides.

Not only do skylights let in natural light and fresh air, but they can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re considering installing a skylight window in your home, here are some of the best places to do it.

No. 1: Bathrooms

Our first pick might surprise you, but installing a skylight in your bathroom is superb! Not only will it add some much-needed ventilation, but the natural light will make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter.

And for those concerned about privacy, adding a skylight window to your bathroom is usually no problem unless you expect company. Just make sure to put it high enough on the ceiling that nosy neighbors can’t see.

No. 2: Kitchen

This next suggestion works well for those who prefer fresh air with their meal prep. If your kitchen doesn’t have a window, or if it’s small and you’re looking for a way to make it feel bigger, installing a skylight is the way to go.

You’ll be able to save space by placing the skylight window on the ceiling, as the spared area offers room for extra storage. This is also a brilliant way to show off your kitchen if you’re the type to entertain guests often. A skylight window will also make your cooking area feel cozier and brighter.

No. 3: Converted Attic

Your attic or loft is another area where a skylight window will work wonders. This is especially true if the space isn’t being used for storage and you want to convert it into something else, like a home office or reading nook.

Installing a skylight in your attic will help bring in more natural light, making it easier to breathe and feel relaxed in the space. It’ll also help save on energy costs as you won’t have to rely as much on artificial lighting during the day.

No. 4: Master Bedroom

Imagine drifting off to sleep with a view of the stars above. This is one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy when you install a skylight in your master bedroom.

Not only will a skylight brighten up your space, but it can also create a more romantic ambiance for you and your partner. And in case you’re worried about sunshine ruining your weekend mornings, you can always invest in blackout blinds. These will block the light so you can sleep as long as you want.


Those were 4 of the several spots in your home that could use a skylight window glow-up. If you’re interested in installing a skylight, reach out to us at City Roofing. We’re experts in installing and repairing skylights in Miami, FL, and we deal with Miami-Dade-approved products.

Check out our services today!

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