3 Ways to Hurricane-Proof Your Roof

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Roofs, although an often overlooked part of your house when doing maintenance or upgrades, are essential for a safe and reliable home. For the average person, you should contact a local roofing company for a roof inspection about 1-2 times a year. When hurricanes are entered into the equation, however, it is even more vital to take the proper precautionary measures and look after your roof. Roofing repairs can end up breaking your budget or causing unnecessary expenses later on, so make sure to pay attention to the tips below that will show you some things you can do to hurricane-proof your roof and keep it protected.

1. Upgrade the materials

An important part of roofing protection is having a stable, strong, and durable roof that can withstand even the toughest of winds. If you do not have them already, think about upgrading to metal roofs, which are one of the most recommended types of roofs for strength. If you are not looking to upgrade to a metal room, at the very least consider using a couple of specialized attachments such as storm shutters. Remember, having an initial, minimal investment in upgraded roofing materials now can save you more money on potential roofing repairs later on.

2. Roof design

Some designs or structures of roofs are significantly weaker or more susceptible to storm damage than others. If you want to protect your roof from a possible hurricane, make sure your roof has an optimal design, such as a pyramid-shaped hip roof. If your roof is older or designed in a way that might make it more likely to sustain damage, you can try to attach wooden braces to the rafters for extra stability and support or have a roofing repairs company make sure it meets all of the current safety regulations.

3. Prevention

Finally, make sure you have thorough prevention measures and features in place. Adding things like steel hurricane clips can greatly increase the connection from the roof to the house. Additionally, you may want to have an escape hatch built into the roof for easy access to the roof during extreme flooding, although this may be the most useful for people likely to have emergency evacuations, such as those in commonly flooded areas or areas impacted by hurricanes more often.

Remember to always stay on top of roofing repairs and maintain your roof, especially if you are trying to hurricane-proof it. Strong winds and flooding waters can cause immense damage and destruction, so it is important to upgrade the materials in your room, stabilize the design of your roof, and take as many prevention methods as you feel necessary. The more prevention steps taken, the better chance you will have of sustaining little to no damage in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster. If you need tarp placement, roofing repairs, soffit and fascia replacement, or emergency repair services, make sure to schedule an appointment with a roofing contractor as soon as possible.

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