9 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

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Now that spring is here, it’s time to head outside and relax. Well, maybe you can’t relax just yet. Your gutters probably need cleaning; your flowerbeds might be full of dead plants, and winter weather may have damaged your home’s exterior. So, before you can start enjoying your backyard again, you will need to do a little home maintenance that you probably avoided over the winter. Here’s a checklist.

Make Roof Repairs

Nearly 65% of all homeowners only make roof repairs after weather related damage. However, you should make sure that a roofer does an inspection at least twice a year. Roofers are most likely to find missing or damaged shingles in the spring after harsh winter weather. You may need roof repairs if shingles are cracked, loose, or buckling. You might also need roof repairs if the flashing around vents, chimneys, or skylights is damaged. Spring is also a good time to talk to your roofing contractor about installing a metal roof, which lasts longer than shingle roofs, if it’s time for a replacement.

Check the Gutters

With spring comes rain, so make sure that your gutters are free of leaves and debris. You will also want to check that they aren’t loose or leaking. The downspouts should be directed away from the basement foundation to ensure that water doesn’t seep into your home. Oftentimes, your roofing contractor can inspect and repair your gutters when they inspect your roof.

Inspect the Driveway

Now is the best time to inspect your driveway and walkway for slopes, damage, or cracks. You will want the water to run off and away from your home. You may need to make repairs and fill any cracks. Once that’s done, you should powerwash the driveway and have it sealed.

Slope the Landscape

Winter weather may have loosened or shifted the soil around your home. Fill in holes with compacted soil and slope the landscape so that rainwater will flow away from the foundation. Check your basement for any signs of water entry and address the problem before it gets worse. If your landscape isn’t the culprit, you may need to hire a professional to check the foundation or install a sump pump.

Service your AC Unit

Before the weather really heats up, you should have your AC unit serviced. Don’t wait until it breaks and you’re sweltering inside your home. If you take care of this simple maintenance now, you’ll be less likely to encounter more expensive repairs later in the season when HVAC prices and service calls go up.

Tune-Up the Lawn Mower

Before you know it, your lawn will be growing like a weed. To keep up with the need for frequent mowing, be sure your lawn mower gets a tune-up now. You should have the oil changed, the battery tested, the blades cleaned and sharpened, and the deck aligned.

Seal Windows and Doors

One thing that many homeowners neglect to do in the spring is to check the windows and doors for gaps and leaks. Rain can just as easily enter your home through these, so don’t forget to seal them. You may even want to replace them if they have a lot of damage or aren’t energy efficient.

Check Your Outside Faucets

Check the flow of water on your outside faucets to make sure they haven’t been damaged. If you can stop the water by placing your finger over the opening, you may have a damaged pipe that needs to be repaired. You should also check your garden hoses for any leaks or signs of dry rot.

Seal, Stain, or Paint Decks and Fences

If you have a wooden deck or fencing, inspect them for any loose or broken boards and replace them. You will also want to powerwash them before sealing, staining, or painting them. If you don’t have either and want them, now is a good time to install them.

Spring may seem to bring a long list of projects; however, making necessary repairs now could save you time and money later. It also means that you can sit back and enjoy your backyard well before the start of those long summer days.

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