What Can a Hurricane Do to a Roof?

It’s officially hurricane season, and Hurricane Elsa is only one of the potential tropical storms Florida might see this year. According to the National Weather Service, approximately 13 to 20 named storms are expected to form in the Atlantic this year, six out of 10 of which could become hurricanes. Three to five of those hurricanes are predicted to be major storms.

For Floridians, it’s important to make sure that your home is hurricane-ready to protect your property and your roof from high winds, water damage, and flying debris. However, there’s only so much you can do to protect your roof from a major hurricane. That being said, what exactly can a hurricane do to your home’s roof? Here, we’ll dive into the real impact of a hurricane on the average home’s roofing system and what to do if your roof is severely damaged.

Common Types of Roofing Damage During a Hurricane

There are several ways a hurricane can damage your roof because hurricanes themselves come with several characteristics including:

  • High winds: Tropical storms can have high winds, but storms with wind speeds of 74 miles per hour or higher are classified as hurricanes. Strong winds can tear away roof tiles and shingles, pull away your gutter system, or pull up the side of a metal roof. High winds can also cause flying debris such as objects, tree limbs, or the gutter systems from other houses. When these items hit your roof or the side of your house, they can cause holes, scratches, and broken shingles.
  • Hail: Hail sometimes occurs during a hurricane. Hail damage can cause broken or cracked roofing shingles and dents in your metal roof. If the seal between your roof and your roofing insulation is broken, hail damage can even result in water damage.
  • Heavy rain: If heavy rain accompanies hail during a hurricane, it can sometimes lead to water damage on your roof. However, heavy rain alone has the ability to age your roof due to excess wear and tear.

When Your Roof Has Severe Storm Damage

Storm damage is the number one reason why homeowners need roof repairs. According to a consumer survey, up to 65% of homeowners said storm damage was their main motivation for making repairs. if your home has been severely damaged in a hurricane and you need a new metal roof, My City Roofers have you covered. We have some of the top roofing contractors Miami FL has to offer with years of experience repairing and replacing roofing systems just like yours. Contact us today to learn more about storm damage repair or metal roof replacements.

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