How To Choose The Right Roof Shingle Color For Your Home

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Different shingle colors for a roof

On average, a roof occupies 40% of your home’s exterior. Given its significant size, it’s important to choose the right shingle color. To succeed in this, you should consider various things like the architectural style of your home, the neighborhood, personal preferences, and others. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right shingle color for your home:

1. Check the Neighborhood

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing roof shingle color is the style of your neighborhood. In general, you should choose a color that will blend in with other homes in your area. This is especially true if you live in a community regulated by a HomeOwners Association (HOA). For example, if the HOA has determined that the neighborhood should have brown shingles, you’ll have to choose brown shingles, unless you get express permission to pick a different color.

2. Consider the Architecture of Your Home

Another factor to consider when choosing roof shingle color is the style and architecture of your home. If you have a classic colonial brick house, for example, it may look out-of-place with bright red or orange shingles. Such a house would work best with tan, beige, and brown colors. In general, it’s best to contrast and blend match the color of your shingles with the color of your walls or bricks so they blend in nicely together.

Here’s a quick chart to help you with the choosing:

Colors to choose for your roof

3. Consider Energy Efficiency

Dark colors absorb heat and light colors reflect it, so if you want to save on costs, it’s best to choose lighter roof shingle colors. You can also consider using roof coatings or reflective roofing materials to increase the amount of heat your home reflects back into the atmosphere. For Florida residents, this is especially important, as the state ranks in the top ten for energy consumption!

4. You Might Like What You See on Pinterest

It’s not hard to find pictures of homes that have beautiful shingles on Pinterest. Many people who’ve completed renovations will pin photos and designs of their newly remodeled home so you can get a better idea about what sort of design and look you want for your own project. All you need is to key in keywords such as “roof shingles” or “quality roofing” in the search field so you can find some good ideas.

5. Talk to an Experienced Contractor

When you’re trying to choose the color of your shingles, you should have a few important people you can seek advice from. Top on the list is a roofing contractor who knows what he’s doing when it comes to roofing systems and materials.

A good contractor will help you pick the right color for your shingles, taking into account factors such as the surrounding landscape and the architectural style of your home. As experts, they know what works and won’t when it comes to roofing materials so take advantage of this knowledge as much as possible.

Work With a Local Miami, FL Contractor

If you’re looking to have your roofing system replaced or repaired, working with a local contractor is the best way to get it done. If you’re in Miami, FL, City Roofing is your go-to choice. We are experts in all sorts of roofing systems and materials, including asphalt shingle roofs. Contact us today for help with all your roofing needs.

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