What Not to Do When Repairing Your Roof

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The National Association of Home Builders estimates that a well-maintained roof can last for up to 30 years. Part of your responsibility as a homeowner is to identify signs that indicate your roofing needs repair. Regular inspections and repairs can help increase the lifespan of your roof.

Your roofing is a complex and intricate system with many essential pieces. Mistakes during your repair works can be costly, with less than desirable results. In worse scenarios, you may need to carry out an entire roof replacement to correct the mess done.

Here are five roof repair mistakes that you need to steer clear of as a homeowner.

1. Carrying Out the Repair Yourself

Many Americans find it satisfying to complete home repairs without involving professionals. However, it would be wrong to attempt a DIY job with your roof. As a non-professional, you may overlook potential serious issues affecting your roof. Additionally, you may overlook safety procedures, placing yourself at risk of injuries and fatal accidents. It would be best to leave the roof repair to expert roofers.

2. Covering Worn-Out Shingles with New Ones

Another common mistake homeowners and amateur roofers make is to mask the problem. They will notoriously overlay new shingles on top of the old ones, trying to cut corners and save money. You end up ignoring the root of the problem, which ends up destroying the new shingle. Professional roofers will take out the worn-out shingles, inspecting the decking and underlayment for damage before placing the new shingles. Besides, adding new layers eventually makes your roof heavier for your beams to bear, risking your roof caving in.

3. Mismatching Shingles

A sloppy roofing contractor that is more interested in a quick fix-up than doing the job right will pick shingles that do not match your roof. Using different roofing material suppliers can leave your home with mismatched shingles and obvious color differences. It may negatively impact your curb appeal as well as reduce your home value when you decide to resell.

4. Reusing Old Flashings

The flashing is a layer of the roof structure that overlaps to make a water-tight barrier near the edges. It needs to remain in top shape to prevent your roof from leaking. Placing new shingles or tiles above the old flashing isn’t advisable, as the cost of getting new flashing is not comparable to the price of replacing the entire roof after water leaks damage your home.

5. Misdiagnosing the Problem

Rookie roofers and DIY homeowners will often miss the underlying problem of the roof damage. Diagnosing a leaking roof is more of an art than it is a science. You need a keen eye to detect potential causes of the roofing leak. Roofing companies that patch the roof without properly identifying the underlying issues could be in for a surprise the next time it rains. Pick an experienced local contractor to carry out your repairs.

Repairing your roof is critical to keeping it in top shape and increasing its lifespan. You may need to be on the look for these five mistakes to avoid damaging the roofing. For professional roof repair services in Miami FL, contact City Roofing to get a free assessment.

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