What Happens During a Roof Inspection?

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The roof of your home is your main source of protection against the elements and severe weather patterns. From high winds to extreme rain, our roofs get a lot of abuse over the course of their lives. One way to ensure your roof gives you the best protection possible is to have a regular inspection from a local roofer. Here’s what you can expect from a roof inspection.

The General Process

When a local roofer completes an inspection, it’s a general analysis of the roof’s overall structure. Roofers will typically look for damage to tiles, any signs of leaks, or wear and tear that needs to be addressed. Once the analysis is completed, you’ll receive a detailed report about the overall condition of your roof. You’ll also receive any recommendations that need to be made to keep your roof in prime condition. It’s always recommended to address roof repairs immediately before they balloon into a bigger issue.

When You Should Have Roofing Inspection

Most homeowners would consider a roofing inspection needed after any significant weather event, especially during Florida’s hurricane season. However, it’s not the only time you should get your roof inspected. According to the NRCIA, you should have an annual roofing inspection under normal conditions. Having a roofing inspection before this season sets in is also an excellent idea. High temperatures can do a lot of damage to your roof, and it can save you money and stress to catch a problem early on.

Gutter Inspection

Many homeowners don’t realize gutter inspections are also part of roofing maintenance. A local roofer will look for any cracks or damage to the gutters and ensure there are no blockages. Roofers will also look for any signs of standing water. It’s a clear sign your gutters need to be cleaned. Gutter maintenance is a critical part of roof maintenance and longevity, so be sure not to neglect this part of your home as well!

Once you know what to expect during a roof inspection, it’s time to contact a local roofer to get the job done. You’ll receive an accurate and honest analysis of your roof. Roofing inspections will help protect your investment and keep it intact for years. Contact us today to get started on your roof inspection. We look forward to helping you!

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